Systems Experts Set the Bar for Blockchain in Securities Finance

“Hype and Reality for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” at Institutional Securities Lenders’ Meeting

February 6, 2019 —Systems entrepreneurs - Armeet Sandhu, Sal Giglio, and Ed Blount - engaged in a lively brainstorming session with Chris Ferris, IBM’s Distinguished Engineer for Open Source Technologies, at IMN's 25th Annual International Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference. Key take-aways from the panel discussion were:
  • Current private blockchains are no more complex than web servers, but creating the design and consortium is challenging; 
  • IBM has tools to preserve confidentiality in shared ledgers while guaranteeing accountability;
  • Off-chain lifecycle event processing can link to the blockchain and prove to the shared ledger; 
  • Shared ledgers can help lenders comply with the Securities Finance Transaction Repository (SFTR) mandate;
  • Blockchains can help track loans for principals and service providers in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending programs. 
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