Unique insights into shadow banking and opaque markets.

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Data compilation for investors, service providers, and regulators.

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Market expertise in risks, procedures, and governance.

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Policy trends in global capital markets.

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Bringing Clarity to Developing Markets

Prudential and regulatory changes have introduced new levels of complexity into global markets, the effects of which will play out over decades.  Keen foresight, astute observation, and a thorough understanding of the past and present of financial markets are vital to addressing the potential perils and profits ahead.

The Center for the Study of Financial Market Evolution (CSFME) is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve transparency, reduce risks, support research, and promote sound regulation of financial markets. It does so by conducting data-driven analysis, providing investor education and outreach, and supporting regulatory reviews in otherwise opaque markets. It serves individual and institutional investors, banks, brokers, other financial market participants, academic institutions, and government regulatory agencies.
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ROSE Program

Regulatory Outreach for Student Education (ROSE) Program. CSFME partners directly with universities and colleges to help students better appreciate the subtleties of the ongoing debate among professionals in the U.S. financial industry and policy makers at the federal regulatory agencies.  CSFME's ROSE Program provides top economics and finance undergraduates with opportunities to  meet with representatives from industry trade groups and federal agencies in Washington. Learn more about ROSE.


BIS Publishes Survey on Integration of Regulatory Capital and Liquidity Instruments

In March 2016, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published a paper reviewing the current knowledge and empirical data on the...

Fordham Students Submit Comment Letters to Basel Committee

On May 16, 2016, Fordham students participating in the Center's Regulatory Outreach for Student Education (ROSE) Program submitted...