2013 Regulatory Outreach for Student Education

Groundbreaking Spring 2013 Program

DSCIn the spring of 2013, Ed Blount, CSFME executive director, brought a group of exceptional students from Fordham University in New York to meet with officials at the Federal Reserve, Treasury, SEC and OMB. Each agency provided a speaker who explained its working agenda for regulatory reform. Everyone agreed that the program was a huge success for all concerned.

The student group travelled on the 6:30am Amtrak train to DC, then returned on the train after meetings, so as to simulate an actual work day for a senior financial executive representing his/her firm in Washington. The students experienced first hand the grueling, real world of private-public sector interaction, complete with red-eye trips and daisy-chained meetings in a city away from home.

This initial regulatory round robin was designed to articulate with a second visit in 2014 in Washington, DC.   

Student testimonials from the Spring 2013 program …

“Thanks so much for organizing the incredible trip last week to Washington D.C. I can't believe we got to do so much, from sitting in the Fed Board of Governors room to questions with the Deputy Treasury secretary.”

“I am currently working on an individual research project on the economic conditions and euro crisis in Italy, focusing primarily on the underlying economic, social, and political conditions the country faced leading up to the financial crisis. I have also been doing research on the Euro system as a whole. …
“Please just know that you have made a significant contribution to my education, research, and mindset. I truly cannot thank you enough.”

“I just wanted to take the time and thank you once again for the great trip to DC. As someone very interested in finance and economics, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what the speakers had to say on the roles they serve.”

“I want to thank you for providing my fellow Fordham students and me with such an amazing trip to Washington, DC last Wednesday. When I first learned of the possibility of this trip, I was extremely excited because I had never been to DC before. Little did I know that we would have the opportunity to have an unbelievable Q and A session with [Deputy Treasury Secretary] Neal Wolin, or any of our other amazing opportunities. To hear [Senior OMB Program Analyst] Veronica Daigle speak about the budget, such a monumental thing in politics right now, was extremely interesting and refreshing to hear. To sit in the conference room that all of the Federal Reserve Presidents sit in multiple times a year was surreal.
“Finally, the Securities and Exchange Commission really peaked my interest because it is something I am extremely interested in for a career path. I would love to be a forensic accountant for the government, chasing the money in ponzi schemes or drug laundering operations. It seems like an unbelievable department, filled with the brightest minds. It was definitely something that helps me to strive for better grades and buckle down on my school work.
“Basically, what I am saying is that I had an unbelievable time last Wednesday, and I cannot thank you enough for making that opportunity available to us.”

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to have such an experience. I have visited D.C. on several occasions for sight seeing reasons, but never before had I spoken with government professionals about current events. I learned so much about the sequester, Cyprus and Dodd- Frank. In fact, I was able to apply the new knowledge in interviews I had the following day. More than anything the trip has made me consider a career with the government.
“Once again, thank you for the incredible experience.”

“I just wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful trip to D.C. yesterday, I cannot iterate enough how amazing the experience was. Not only did I learn a lot from the four agencies we visited but I also had the chance to network with my fellow Fordham students in an intellectually stimulating way. Listening to the OMB presentation gave me a sense of where my passion for Public Policy and Non-Profit Management can take me in the future. Please pass my thanks on to all the agency speakers.”